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“King & Queen for a week! Baraza is the only place to be!”

My husband and i stayed here for our honeymoon after our safari and found it to be the most amazing place to be! Firstly, from the moment you arrive you are made to feel like royalty. We were greeted by management, given cooling towels, drinks, our bags were whisked off and we were made to relax while check in was in progress.
You are assigned a housekeeper (or 2) who will tend to your every need. They showed us around the resort and explained everything and how everything works. The villas are fabulous, very roomy and are ALWAYS clean, every time we left the room and came back it had been swept, cleaned and tidied! Even my husband (who left clothes lying around everywhere) had his clothes folded neatly!

The food here is also amazing, very tasty, and on one lunch, they had arranged a beautiful beach lunch for us which was so romantic. We had our own menu that had been catered to our taste (my husband doesn’t eat fish) and was incredibly tasty!

I had a taster massage at the spa on the first day and then became HOOKED! I ended up having a massage everyday which was the highlight of my honeymoon as the spa staff are so talented, I’ve never had a massage quite as fabulous as the ones i had here! I felt so relaxed and the staff make you feel very calm and serene. The spa has a relaxation room which is fabulous!

The hotel is decorated in an opulent, Arab style fashion, brass and rich furnishings adorn each and every room with no detail left out. It is impeccably furnished and clean and has a soft, serene flow to it which was very relaxing. The beach was clean and beautiful- i don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so beautiful!

All in all this place is run so precisely. The staff somehow always knew what we wanted, when to clean our villa, where to find us, when we needed a drink it was great! No detail was missed out at all during our stay here and the management do a fantastic job of making your stay here comfortable,

This was a perfect finish to our honeymoon, Bwejuu is beautiful and so is the resort, i would not consider staying anywhere else. The standards here are very high, it would be hard to be outdone!

Guest nationality: English

Reviewed October 10, 2010

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