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Marriage as a destination, Jacqueline Dallal Mikhail

To celebrate the beginning of a new phase, some couples prefer to cross borders and to plan the wedding in different cities or countries far from their hometowns. The option of marriage, known as a destination wedding, is a growing trend, according to Jacqueline Dallal Mikhail, psychologist and author of “Destination wedding – Marriage as a destination” (M Light Publishing).

In these times where more and more people cross the world to marry, Jacqueline shows celebrations away from the site of origin of the couples, with the most coveted romantic scenarios.

Increasingly sophisticated and loaded with meanings, modern weddings still preserve ancient rites, some of them not very common. This is the case of the Destination Wedding, marriage performed in city or country other than where the couple lives.

The book addresses this practice which is as old as humanity itself “Destination Wedding” and is divided into three main sections, all richly illustrated.

JacquelineAt first, Jacqueline, a psychologist and director of the company Be Happy Travels, shows how the rite to achieve the link or in a neutral city of dreams has traditions, motivations and implications common to all engaged, as the symbolism of sharing a common destiny and spatial and temporal rupture that the gesture represents. It is also, according to the author, a treat that has long been the privilege of nobility is now allowed by many more people.

The second part is devoted to actual destinations – from A (Africa) to Z (Zanzibar), passing through scenery as romantic and idyllic Maldives and French Polynesia, including Baraza Resort and Spa Zanzibar. Each destination is discussed with the indications of the author, a great expert on luxury tourism, and consultant with a passion for travel.

In the last part of the book, Jacqueline explores the meaning of an unprecedented renewal of vows, which she calls “marriage as an eternal journey.”

“I wrote the book convinced that marriage is fate, since the earliest times of humanity. Weddings are like little miracles, and trying to understand how to operate these miracles was the challenge of my reflection, “says Jacqueline, who is also author of ” Anyway, we – The Honeymoon, Your Scenarios and Their Meanings. ”

The book was released on April 10 2012.

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