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Coming from the US, Tanzania is a long trip, but if you are on Safari ending the experiece with a a few days in Baraza is well worth it. The facilities are top notch and on par with any 5 star hotel.

The villas are incredible, large, clean and extremely private.. and a welcome oasis after a week in the bush. The pool and the beach are are out of this world as well. The spa was also great, we went twice for massages and also on par with any high end facility I have ever been to.

The staff is extremely welcoming and pleasant and truly made the experience that much better. They did everything possible to make the trip pleasant and enjoyable. They could not have been nicer or done a better job.

I saw much written about the food.. frankly the food was fine. The meals were well presented and in my opinion more than adequate. It wasnt 5 star, but wasnt far off, but the service of the staff, the presentation of the food was 5 star. Please keep in mind where you are, and access to some fresh food isn’t always the easy i would assume. But you will not walk away hungry or disappointed; i promise you.. If you are a foodie and looking for a magical culinary experience, go to spain or france.

In summary, Baraza is the perfect end to a safari vacation. You will have all the comforts of a 5 star resort and the staff and facilities are high end. You will not be disappointed

Guest nationality: American

Reviewed December 23, 2011

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