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“Probably better than Paradise…”

The hotel comes close or even exceeds what can be expected there. The hotels` architecture is amazing and perfectly combines influences from the Arabic, Indian, and Suaheli world. The photographs on their homepage are nice, but the reality is even more impressive.

The whole team is dedicated to one mission: namely to make the guests stay as pleasant as possible. Sometimes, there a magic moments: you start to think about a nice drink and suddenly you were offered a cold, fresh, and delicious fruit juice! The people are extremely friendly and passioned about your well-being.

The restaurants are also gorgeous and both, the 5 to 6 course menu and the buffet offer a fine selection of local and international cuisine. We finished every day of our one-week stay in the terrific lounge bar.

The beach scrivener offers a beautiful panorama that one knows from a good poster shooting: white sand, cocos palms, and blue sky. The water is as warm as in your bathtub. If swimming in the sea is limited due to the tides the alternative is a magnificent pool landscape.

Colorful flowers (Bougainvillea and Frangipani) are inviting you to walk through the garden and to enjoy their beauty and flavor.

And should all of this not be enough for recreation there is even more: the Frangipani Spa does not miss any opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of wellness. The quality and the atmosphere there are really outstanding.

Gabriela and Hans

Guest nationality: German

Reviewed April 25, 2011

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