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“Simply Paradise”

Everything about this hotel is PERFECT!
The LOCATION on the island is AMAZING: it is set about an hour from the airport on the white sands of Bwejuu beach. This part of the island is so quiet that the only thing you hear is the waves of the ocean as you relax on the hotel’s lounge chairs laid out along the private beach. This is truly a secluded location that bleeds romance.
The VILLAS are LUXURIOUS, SPACIOUS and PRIVATE: You walk into these villas and your jaw drops at the decadence of these rooms. No detail was overlooked in planning the rooms: there are reading lights by the beds; bath salts by the bath tub; a lounge area with over 20 pillows; two large bedrooms (allowing our family of 5 to sleep under one roof without being crowded); and a private plunge pool right outside in your private garden. Everything is pristine and cozy. The bedding was so amazing that we had the best night’s rest we’ve had in a long time. You could spend your whole holiday inside the villa and not be upset.
The FOOD is EXCELLENT: The hotel has three dining rooms and it rotates the meals between them making you feel like you eat in a different restaurant every night. They also rotate between buffet and set menu meals which gives you a different feel each night as well. I cannot say enough about this food! The quality, flavors, and presentation were over the top! You will not eat better at another hotel (or restaurant)!
The ACTIVITIES are NUMEROUS: As I mentioned before, you do not have to leave your room or your lounge chair to be happy at this hotel, but if you want to be adventurous there are plenty of opportunities. They have all types of water sports but they also have cultural activities, such as palm weaving and a Swahili cooking lesson. They also offer sunrise yoga on the beach and bonfires and acrobats at night. For younger children, they have the best kids’ club I have ever seen! They have ping pong tables, wii video games, a pool and all sorts of games and puzzles. They have the cutest couches, chairs, and bean bags for the kids. My kids gladly spent every morning in the club and they came out with art work each time.
The SERVICE is UNBELIEVABLE: The service starts from the moment you arrive. You are greeted with the scent of cloves as the staff leads you to the reception where you are offered a cold cloth and drink. The drinks continue – you will not sit out by the pool or at the beach for more than 5 minutes before a fresh fruit cocktail is delivered to you and you are asked if you want anything else. The staff all knew us by name and greeted us accordingly everyday. The rooms are cleaned thoroughly in the morning and the beds turned down every night. The yoga and spa services were amazing! The yoga instructor knew the level of his students and catered to them and the massage therapists (I tried them all!) really knew exactly which muscles to hit with just the right amount of pressure. When you arrive at dinner, the wait staff was ready for you with a smile. Due to the age of our children we had special requests (rooms cleaned at different times, early dinner for the kids) and the hotel did it with ease! They truly cater to all types of holiday travelers at Baraza and are ready for every request.
To sum it up, whether you are are on a honeymoon, family vacation or just a romantic getaway this is the perfect place for you. This hotel knows the needs of each of their guests. You will leave this hotel wanting to go back every year (We know we do!)

Guest nationality: Kenyan

Reviewed July 22, 2011

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