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Stunning property

Extremely enjoyable!

Very brief but really enjoyed our stay. Thank you.
Guest nationality: British

We enjoyed our stay, food was excellent, service out of this world. Everything was excellent. We will come back. Best food ever
Guest nationality: Kenyan

Thank you for an amazing stay. Fantastic hotel and wonderful food! Amazing place! Great people! Awesome experience
Guest nationality: Tanzanian

We enjoyed a wonderful stay at Baraza as well as Breezes. On behalf of Zenith tours we thank you all and hope we will do a joint effort to bring more business
Guest nationality: Tanzanian

Stunning property, position, experience, accommodation.
Guest nationality: British

We had an amazing stay here, thank you. The resort is truly beautiful, as are the staff.
Guest nationality: Australian

An excellent holiday, super staff and a well-run resort. Good teamwork and emphasis on staff training gives rise to the success
Guest nationality: Belgian

A wonderful stay at Baraza in our beautiful villa with a family of staff who all made us feel at home. A big thanks to Sujit for the complimentary massages, every experience was of a top standard. Thank you Anil for the yoga again. Hope to come back
Guest nationality: Canadian

We only stay one night but we really love our stay and I hope to come back again soon with my family. Now I will do my best to sell this beautiful address. Thank you.
Guest nationality: French

Best of the best hotel we have ever stayed in.
Guest nationality: German

We suggest brighter lights in the room especially in the bathroom. Very professional and excellent service. Jemima, Lukas, Daniel, Isaack, Jean Armand, to name but a few.
Very brief but really enjoyed our stay. Thank you all!!
Guest nationality: Canadian

Reviewed in December 2012

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