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“Superb food , service and location: Go !”

No place is perfect but Baraza comes close. We stayed at there at the end of October before joining our daughter in Dar Es Salaam ( at the Oyster Bay Hotel : go there too : superb) My wife and I had Villa 5 : beachfront.: wonderful location, superb accommodation with a very quiet/ uncrowded beach

I have stayed at most of the usual suspects whether( Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, Four Seasons, Relais & Chateaux, Orient Express) or boutiques e.g Le Quartier Francais, SoHo Grand. I am very demanding and can be a real pain for hoteliers but Baraza delivered for us . This is East Africa so that needs to be factored in but in that context it is one of the few hotels that passes the test of whether we would go back : Definitely yes.

The food & beverage manager is really on the ball as are the management generally, many of whom I suspect were trained in Lausanne (many seemed Swiss)

Really friendly staff who had great charm and who delivered great service in a stunning location . For someone who is a real fusspot about his food ,the food was excellent, particularly the seafood. The hotel went the extra mile: we would, say, just order some fish skewers (or a one of their delicious beefburgers) to be brought to us on the beach at lunchtime ; only some lobster to arrive : ‘The Chef thought you might like to try a little lobster’.

We loved the place particularly the sunset walks along the vast beach without the hassle of hawkers .

Great spa too. All in all a wonderful holiday because the Baraza staff take real pride and great pleasure in wanting to get things just right for their guests

Reviewed November 26, 2011

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