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“To die for”

My family and I were traveling for three weeks in Africa. After two weeks of safari we booked the Baraza Resort and Spa to rest for the end of the trip. It was absolutely amazing! The staff was great and you felt very welcome. The rooms were luxurious and you can get a personal plunge pool and a little reading area. The pool had underwater speakers! It was so cool realizing that you could hear the sports game under the water. They had free, pool toys for the kids and you could do anything out on the ocean, like wind surfing. The ocean was so warm and the tides would go all the way out into the horizon exposing the coral. We even went walking in the coral but we got a mega sun burn. The food was brilliant and there were different themes of food every night so everyone would like the food. It was amazing and my family say that they never would come back to one place twice but Baraza is an exception.

Guest nationality: Canadian

Reviewed April 9, 2012

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